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Scenar/Enar Therapy
Scenar/Enar Therapy
The scenar device is a larger practitioner version of the enar therapy device. The scenar uses the very same reflex bio – feedback electro – energetic therapy as the enar , an interactive computer – modulated energy – neuro – stimulation to relieve pain , and so help reduce disability and improve functionality. The scenar pro allows a higher degree of precision in therapy by using a digital assessment, monitoring and managing option, and a larger variety of settings .

The enar therapy system device is a hand held therapeutic medical device , for both personal and therapeutic use. The enar /scenar delivers non invasive ,non toxic interactively therapeutic , computer modulated , electro energetic stimulation , onto and through the skin.It has two university research studies to its credit showing results that are both significant and sustained with many chronic painfull problems.

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