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Terminator Zapper

Beating Parasites with the Terminator Zapper

You have probably heard stories of people travelling to a third world country only to return home with a parasite, but you don’t even need to leave Australia to contract one. Almost everyone will be infected with at least one parasite at some time in their life. Parasites include worms, bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeast which can remain dormant in the body for months to several years and may not cause immediate symptoms.

Parasitic Problems

Parasites can cause numerous problems includingabdominal pain, diarrhoea, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, joint pain, sleep problems, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, cold and flu symptoms of all kinds including swine flu,depression, poor eyesight, arthritis, anaemia, Alzheimer’s, excess weight, tiredness and many skin conditions including eczema.

Mosquito borne illnesses including malaria, Ross River virus, Barmah Forest virus, Lyme disease and chikungunya are all caused by parasites. Other serious parasitic viruses and diseasesinclude fibroid cysts, prostate cancer (see David Wolfe’s video), breast cancer, elephantitis and sinusitis. Even our basic zapper(purple) that doesn’t contain orgonite or other subtle energy components if worn continuously around the clock for a month will help get your body Alkaline quicker.

Both the Terminator Zapper ( green) and the basic Zapper ( purple ) have the same electronic circuit and voltage.

Attempts to heal your gut can be constantly undermined while you harbour parasites. In many cases you won’t know you have parasites but they will often create inflammation and destroy the intestinal lining.

Why Parasites are so Dangerous

Parasites excrete acids, formaldehyde, alcohol and ammonia in your body. Parasites can enter the central nervous system causing seizures and neurological problems. Other body parts that can be affected include the heart, lungs, eyes, liver, kidneys, intestines and blood causing a wide range of health problems.

Numerous studies since the 1950’s have shown parasitic viruses cause life-threatening diseases. But you can stop parasites in their track and restore your body to good health. Research has shown that weak electrical currents kill viruses and parasitic organisms.

Viruses have a life of around three weeks and bacteria not much longer so if their life cycle is destroyed before they can replicate, parasites might be destroyed before through zapping for a short period of time. However, it is crucial to zap over a longer period of time to combat more toxic and lethal parasites such as Lyme’s disease, Morgellons and genital herpes.

How the Zapper Works

Worn against the skin, the Terminator Zapper is a bioelectric device that delivers a weak electrical frequency through the skin via two copper discs. The device should be worn continuously for a minimum of one month against bare skin.

The Zapper can be worn on any part of the skineven under clothingbecause the micro-current will spread throughout your body’s tissue and fluids (avoid placing on broken skin).

The weak electrical current destroys parasites by reversing the polarity of the static field. Once the parasite’s environment such as your blood, mucus, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid and eye interior is negatively charged, the parasites quickly die.

Some parasites take longer to die. Parasites in fibroid cysts and those with exoskeletons and viruses and fungi inside cells have a longer life, but zapping will destroy them. Even if they don’t all die straight away, there may be an immediate boost to your immune system following zapping as it can clear your blood, lymphatic fluids, intestine and stomach lining from parasites.

For Genital herpes the zapper typically cures when it is worn continuously around the clock, for this it is best worn on or close to the sacrum for a minimum of a 3 weeks which is a virus’s life- cycle.

Apparently a virus is harmless when it is hiding in living cells (caudusequina nerve cluster in the case ofgenital herpes) and is a threat when it moves out to replicate , but that’s also when it is at its most vulnerable. It is thought they replicate and return to the nerve cells so fast that the subtle energy boost of the killing circuit provides the necessary means to destroy the virus in a timely way. It is also thought that zappers destroy parasites by creating a negative charged environment and that all living pathogens depend for their survival on colloidal suspension which they enable by excreting acids into their environment and it is even thought their skin integrity depends on the colloidal state.

Most people’s bodies will become alkaline within a few days to a few weeks of wearing the Zapper. The dead parasitic matter is eliminated from the body as waste or is absorbed. Drink plenty of water in the first few days to assist with the waste. Once parasites are eliminated, the body’s healing power can be restored.

Zapper’s Technical Details

The Zapper circuit is built around a 555 integrated circuit configured to produce just 4.5 thousandths of an amp at around 15 cycles per second. The weak current penetrates the skin and circulates through the body’s fluids to create the static field needed to kill the pathogenic organisms.

A tight square wave form with lower frequency rather than increased current is used as this is best for relaxing and penetrates deeper than the original design of the Zapper. Several researchers have increased the current of their units to assess the body’s resistance but found increased current is only effective in the short term.

Is the Zapper Safe?

Yes, the Terminator Zapper is completely safe because parasites can be destroyed with a very weak electrical current. The Zapper can be used by anyone includingyoung babies, people with a pacemaker, anyone with a transplanted organ and pregnant women.

Pet owners have reported success using the device on dogs, cats and horses. Young children and pets heal much faster than adults so they only need to wear the device for half an hour per day.

The only minor risk is leaving the Zapper in the same place after you feel a tingle against your skin.Simply move the device to another part of your body without delay. If left in the same place, yourbody’s acids can create a small cauterised tear in the skin which can be cleared within a few days by applying vitamin E oil and covering with a Band-Aid. It is best to sleep with the device on the palm of your hand or sole of your foot where a tearof the skin cannot occur.

EsmatParkar is the exclusive Australian agent of the original Don Croft Terminator Zapper. If you would like more information or you have any queries, contact us online or visit Don Croft’s website www.worldwithoutparasites.com to read more.